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The Trust Deed Investing and the Investing Process

    Trust Deed Investing

    Since 1975, Crawford Park has provided investors hundreds of millions of dollars of trust deed investments on real estate property.

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    Investing Process

    Our goal is to obtain the highest quality loans for our investors considering Loan to Value ratio and Borrower’s capacity to repay the loan. Investor names will be included on note and deed. Before committing to the loan, Investors receive a loan submission package that provides comprehensive information about the borrower’s income, assets and credit. Once the loan is funded, Investors receive a complete loan package containing the original, signed loan documents.

    What documents do I get?

    In addition to the note and deed, you will receive Title Policy Insurance, Liability Insurance Loss Payee as well as relevant California and Federal Loan Disclosures. The complete file will be sent to you overnight before the funds request. Additionally, electronic files are also accessible.

    Loan Servicing

    Crawford Park partners with FCI Lender Services, Inc. (FCI) for loan servicing. Since 1982, FCI has been a national Non-QM and Private Money Servicer which offers a full spectrum of loan servicing, collection and workout options. Customers have 24/7 access via website to loan information, payments received, funds disbursed, escrow account management, 1099 generation, late letters, collection and account correspondence in real time. FCI ensures compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and industry guidelines.

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