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Crawford Park Financial (CPF) is committed to providing real estate investors with a straightforward solution for obtaining the capital they need. For over 8 years, we have been the California hard money lender that real estate investors have relied on for investment funds for purchases, REOs, short sales, rehabs and other projects. We understand that not every financing scenario fits into a neat box and qualifies for traditional financing, but many of these projects make sense and can be financially lucrative. We offer our clients real solutions for their unique financial needs.

Why a Hard Money loan

The demand for California apartments is expected to rise in the next few decades. Millions of Baby Boomers and Echo Boomers will make the decision to downsize and move into an apartment. Our investors can take advantage of that potential for strong net gains by working with a California hard money lender with the ability to think outside the box and fund projects that others will not.

Who We Lend To

There are several hard money lenders that serve investors across the country, but we focus our efforts on helping investors and borrowers to acquire properties in California. We work directly with investors and we also work with mortgage brokers, apartment brokers and trust deed investors. For those who are trying to purchase a property, the team at CPF can provide you with an honest, realistic solution for your financing needs.

Hard Money Load Expectation

Whether you are looking for rehab hard money lenders or lenders for project acquisitions, you can count on the team at CPF to review the details of your project on an individual basis. Hard money projects are highly unique and require problem solving. We will provide you with an honest, straightforward approach to financing. We strive to provide our clients with a quick response to inquiries and we have the ability to lend up to 60 percent loan-to-value with an appraisal. Further, we can close on your loan in 7 to 10 days.

When investing in real estate, you need to have the experience and support of a strong financial team. Investors have been relying on the team at CPF for their investment needs for over a quarter century. You can rely on our team as well. If you are working on a project that doesn’t conform to traditional bank financing requirements, give us a call to explore creative lending options.

To Fund Your Deal Call 310-273-3333 or email

Loans We Funds:


* Apartments
* Retail
* Mixed-use


* Purchases
* Investor


* 3-5 Year Term
* Interest Only Payments
* LLC, Corp, Trust, Individual okay
* Must show ability to repay loan

Two Week Closing

Simple Underwriting

Commission Paid through Escrow

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